Common Furnace Problems
March 1, 2023 |

5 Common Furnace Problems in Your Home

When you come home during winter, you expect your house to be warm. Walking into the house and finding it cold can be very frustrating. Before you begin to panic, there may be a simple solution to your problem. There are 5 common furnace problems in your home that you should check. Many times, the solution is very simple.

5 Common Furnace Problems in Your Home – DIY Repairs

Check for the following:

  1. Air Filter: If you have not changed the air filter on your furnace in a while, it may be clogged. A dirty filter can prevent airflow, and this can cause your furnace not to work right.
  2. Blocked Vents: It is easy to forget that you have blocked a vent when you move furniture around or set something down. If your vents are blocked, you will not get the right amount of heat in your home.
  3. Vents are Closed: It can happen. Your vents get closed, and then when it is time to turn on the heat, you are not getting heat in a room or area.
  4. Thermostat Battery: Many new thermostats have a battery. If you haven’t replaced your battery for a while, this may be the problem.
  5. Broken Thermostat: Thermostats do not last forever. If you have an older thermostat, replacing it may solve your heating problem.

5 Common Furnace Problems in Your Home – Call For Service

You may require service if your furnace is still not heating properly after checking the DIY furnace issues. The 5 most common furnace problems in your home that will require service include:

  1. Ignition Problem: If you hear your furnace repeatedly trying to turn on or cycle, it may be a problem with your ignition. Your ignition regulates the natural gas that is used to heat your furnace. You should never try to make repairs to this yourself.
  2. Blower Problem: With time, the blower on your furnace can wear out and not move air correctly. This is a mechanical problem that will require a professional for repairs.
  3. Duct Problems: If the furnace is heating properly, but the air is not reaching the interior of the home, it may be a duct problem.
  4. General Wear and Tear: As your furnace ages, the parts can become worn. Without regular preventative maintenance, your furnace will work harder to heat your home or stop working.
  5. System Failure: The worst-case scenario is a complete system failure, and you may have to replace your furnace.

Call the Experts at Horn for Trusted Furnace Repair Services

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