Is Pex Pipe Safe
May 11, 2023 |

Is PEX Pipe Safe?

Details Around PEX Pipe

Many homeowners ask, “Is PEX pipe safe?”. In many cases, the answer is yes. PEX pipe is commonly used in home plumbing systems, and it is much more affordable than metal piping. PEX piping is better for the environment, and this has made it very popular in green construction. However, research still hasn’t concluded whether or not PEX pipe is safe to use for your drinking water supply. There is a possibility that chemicals can leach out of PEX piping, which could impact your water’s smell and taste. For this reason, many homeowners are concerned that PEX piping may not be safe for their drinking water supply. If you are uncertain about using PEX piping, you can rely on these three alternatives.


Copper piping can cost thousands of dollars, but this type of piping has been around for decades. Many homeowners and plumbers trust copper piping. While PEX piping is freeze-resistant, copper can better withstand UV rays. In warm climates that don’t often see freezing temperatures, copper piping may last longer than PEX.


Made from polyvinyl chloride, PVC is a durable and versatile alternative to copper piping, and it can last several decades longer than PEX piping. PVC is safe, recyclable, and sunlight-resistant when coated with paint. PVC pipes freeze easily in cold climates, but there are steps you can take to avoid frozen pipes.


CPVC pipe is made out of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. Since PVC piping can’t withstand high heat, this type of piping is required where hot water will be used. Most homes have a combination of PVC and CPVC piping.

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