Sewer Line Repair
February 13, 2023 |

What Does a Sewer Line Repair Cost?

If you are experiencing problems with your plumbing, such as sewage backing up into the house, slow draining from all drains, or lost water pressure, you may have a sewer line problem. Your first thought will be, “oh no,” followed by, “what will be the sewer line repair cost?”.

Sewer Line Repair Cost Based on Repair Length

The cost of replacing your sewer line will depend on several factors. The first thing that will be considered is how much of the sewer line must be replaced. A majority of plumbing companies will charge a set price per linear foot. Your sewer line runs from your house to the main city sewer system or a septic tank. Depending on which type of sewage disposal system you are hooked to will determine the length. Septic systems are often much closer to the home than city sewer pipes.

Sewer Line Repair Cost Based on Materials

Another consideration in the overall sewer line repair cost will be the type of materials used. If you are replacing your sewer pipes, there are several materials available. The most common and least expensive are PVC pipes. PVC pipes are very sturdy and commonly used in the plumbing industry. Copper and cast iron pipes are still available, but they can be very expensive for sewer pipes.

Sewer Line Repair

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