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Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Inspection Services

Horn Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been a trusted name in Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. We’re a fully licensed and insured HVAC contractor that offers comprehensive air conditioning inspection services, and a seasonal inspection carried out by Horn is the best way to avoid sudden AC troubles and minimize your long-term cooling costs.

Around-the-Clock Emergency AC Inspection Services

AC troubles are never convenient and can occur at any time of day or night, which is why Horn has AC technicians on call. Even if it’s the weekend or a holiday, we’ll come out to your home or business and perform a thorough air conditioning inspection to diagnose whatever issue you’re experiencing quickly and accurately and, if necessary, carry out a repair that you can rely on.

Air Conditioner Inspection

Why You Should Schedule a Regular AC Inspection

Horn recommends scheduling an air conditioning inspection at least once a year, and the ideal time for the typical client is in spring prior to needing to run your AC. Annual inspections are required by most AC warranties, and they help to minimize the impact of expected wear and tear. Regular inspections extend the lifespan of the equipment, minimize the total cost of ownership and help to ensure that the AC runs as efficiently as possible, which results in reduced energy costs on a month-to-month basis.

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Trusted Residential & Commercial AC Inspection Services

Horn has NATE-certified technicians who are highly skilled and experienced and will perform an air conditioning inspection that gives you peace of mind. Our team works with all AC brands and models used for residential purposes in this region. We also have technicians who specialize in commercial solutions, including those systems that have been custom designed for the particular location.

AC Repair Services You Can Count On

Horn offers a full range of AC repair services as well. If we identify any issues during an air conditioning inspection, we can perform both necessary and preventative repairs. All repairs that are carried out by Horn technicians are done in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and using the highest-quality parts and materials.

The Full Range of Residential & Commercial AC Systems

The technicians at Horn are skilled and experienced with all of the cooling technologies used for commercial and residential purposes in Pennsylvania. Those include central air conditioning systems, central heat pumps, and ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.

Central Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Central AC Systems

Central air conditioning systems are the most prevalent form of residential and commercial cooling in our region. This approach delivers cooled air through a network of ducts, which is not only efficient but provides consistent comfort throughout an entire home or building.

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Horn also works with mini-spits, which are ductless systems that blow cooled air directly into the living space. Mini-splits are ideal in areas where ducts are impractical but are also used for the purposes of zoned HVAC and as add-ons for centralized solutions.

Heat Pump Repairs

Heat Pump Systems

Our technicians also specialize in heat pumps, which are essentially air conditioners that can also run in reverse to provide heat. Central heat pumps both heat and cool a home and do not need the traditional furnace pairing but often will have it as an auxiliary heating solution for the coldest times of the year.

AC Maintenance Plans

Whether you have central AC, a heat pump, or a mini-split, we recommend our AC maintenance contracts, which are convenient and save you money over time. As a plan member, we’ll come out to your home or business in advance of the cooling season to perform a comprehensive inspection, clean your AC equipment, and carry out a tune-up that ensures peak efficiency and helps to avoid AC troubles.

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The Benefits of a Routine AC Inspection

Horn recommends a routine air conditioning inspection for both our residential and commercial clients for a number of reasons. If your equipment is covered by a warranty, then an annual inspection performed by a certified technician is required to keep that coverage valid. A seasonal inspection is also an opportunity to identify any wear and tear and correct those issues before they manifest into more serious problems.

AC Replacement Services

Horn also provides AC installation and replacement services. If after performing an air conditioning inspection you decide that the system is too old to repair or the fix is too expensive, our team can help you move forward with replacement. We offer the best models from the top brands at competitive prices and install those units in accordance with all manufacturer requirements. Horn also has a commercial installation team that designs custom AC solutions for area businesses.

24/7 Emergency A/C Repair

Schedule Your AC Inspection

An annual air conditioning inspection protects your investment, and Horn is the company you can trust to carry out an inspection the right way and give you the information you need. Schedule your appointment online, or call us today at 610-363-4200 with any additional questions.

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