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As the temperatures rise, ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable becomes a top priority. If your current air conditioner is struggling to keep up or showing signs of wear and tear, it might be time to consider a replacement. Our experts at Horn are here to explain the reasons why you should replace your air conditioner, the benefits of installing a new unit, and the different types of air conditioners available in the market today.

New Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement

Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Several factors indicate it might be time to replace your air conditioner. If your air conditioner has surpassed the 15-year mark, it likely operates less efficiently and could be inflating your utility bills. Also, frequent repairs can quickly accumulate expenses, making investing in a new unit a more cost-effective solution in the long term. If your current air conditioner struggles to evenly cool your home or maintain a comfortable temperature, it’s a clear indication that an upgrade is needed. Newer models have increased energy efficiency, promising significant savings on utility bills. Older units may compromise indoor air quality due to ineffective filtration, permitting the circulation of dust, pollen, and allergens. Upgrading to a new unit with advanced filtration systems can drastically enhance the quality of the air you breathe indoors.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

Modern air conditioners offer a multitude of benefits, including enhanced energy efficiency, a reduced carbon footprint, and lower monthly energy bills. With advanced technology, they provide precise temperature control, maintaining a comfortable environment throughout the year. Their quiet operation ensures a peaceful atmosphere, unlike older, noisy models. These units provide improved indoor air quality, thanks to superior filtration systems that eliminate dust, allergens, and pollutants, fostering a healthier living environment for your family. Installing a new air conditioner not only enhances comfort but also increases the resale value of your home, making it a wise investment for the future.

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Types of Air Conditioners We Install

We install a variety of air conditioner types at Horn. We prefer to install American Standard and Carrier air conditioners in our client’s homes and businesses, as we’re committed to delivering quality with every project we take on. A closer look at a few of the air conditioner types we install is provided here.

Central Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Central Air Conditioning

This type of system uses ducts to distribute cooled air throughout your home. It’s a popular choice for larger homes and offers consistent cooling performance.

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ideal for homes without existing ductwork, ductless mini-split systems provide targeted cooling to specific zones or rooms, offering flexibility and energy savings.

Heat Pump Repairs

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are versatile systems that can both cool and heat your home efficiently. They work by transferring heat between the indoors and outdoors, making them an excellent option for year-round comfort.

Ensure the Longevity of Your New Air Conditioner

Maximizing the lifespan of your newly installed air conditioner requires professional maintenance. At Horn, we provide comprehensive semiannual and annual HVAC maintenance plans tailored to uphold your system’s peak performance. With our maintenance packages, our technicians conduct thorough inspections of your HVAC system at scheduled intervals throughout the year. They meticulously assess all components to ensure optimal functionality and replace air filters as needed. This proactive maintenance approach not only prolongs the life of your HVAC system but also mitigates the need for premature AC replacements.

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New Residential Air Conditioners

At Horn, we prioritize treating our clients like family, reflecting our unparalleled residential air conditioner services. Since 1981, homeowners have entrusted us with our unwavering commitment to quality. We never compromise on standards or rush through projects to cut costs. Our dedicated team delivers meticulous air conditioning repair and replacement services, ensuring lasting comfort and satisfaction for every household.

New Commercial Air Conditioners

No project is too large for our skilled HVAC technicians. Horn proudly extends its expertise to commercial air conditioner services. Equipped with advanced tools and extensive experience, our team is skilled at installing new air conditioning units for commercial properties of any scale. Whether it’s a small office or a sprawling complex, we assist in selecting the ideal model to effectively cool your entire establishment.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Unforeseen air conditioning malfunctions demand immediate attention, which is why Horn offers 24/7 emergency AC replacement and repair services. Our team understands the urgency of restoring comfort, especially during sweltering conditions. Should your unit be beyond repair, our experts provide tailored recommendations for a replacement system. With our round-the-clock assistance, you never have to endure a sleepless night in the heat. Count on our dependable HVAC technicians to be there for you when you need them most.

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