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Residential Plumbing Contract

Residential Plumbing Inspection Contracts

Our annual plumbing inspection contracts help protect your home from common issues that occur over time. We will check the operation of water service valves (or well service valves), check the water pressure, and look for leaks on visible water piping in your kitchen, bathrooms, and basement. We’ll also check that toilets and drains are functioning properly. Repairs will be discounted 15% on labor and materials if performed or scheduled at the time of inspection.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Contract

Heating & Air Conditioning Contracts

Well maintained HVAC systems are important for the comfort of your home and your monthly energy bills. We offer semi-annual maintenance contracts to keep your systems running efficiently. Our technicians will check your unit’s blower motor, belts, and bearings. We will also oil the motor, check the exhaust motor, and inspect the heat exchanger. HVAC maintenance contract customers will receive a discount on future repair parts and labor.

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Grinder Pump Maintenance Contract

Grinder Pump Annual Maintenance Contracts

Sewer and septic grinder pumps are like a garbage disposal for your home’s waste so it’s important that they function properly. We will access the pump and power wash the tank, remove any grease and build-up in the tank using non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products. We’ll also check all the floats and the operating levels in the tank. Maintenance contract customers receive priority services and a 15% discount throughout the year for any grinder pump parts and labor.

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