Grinder Pump Annual Maintenance Contracts

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Grinder Pump Annual Maintenance Contracts

We offer service agreements for grinder pump systems:

Your annual maintenance contract includes the following work to keep your pump running optimally

  • Access the grinder pump and power wash the tank. (Tank must be accessible or time to gain access will be additionally charged)
  • Remove the grease and debris build-up in tank, using non-toxic, environmentally friendly degreaser and sludge removers
  • Check all the floats and the operating levels in the tank.
  • Check the pump’s electrical wiring, voltage and amps.
  • Check condition of the piping and fittings.
  • Make sure the high water alarm is working properly
  • Check and service the check valves on the discharging piping.
  • Check the operation of the electrical operating panel for the pumps.

*Note: If there is a significant amount of sludge and grease in the tank, we will have a septic pumping company clean the tank. This will be billed separately from this contract.

Maintenance contract customers will receive priority services, as well as 15% discount throughout the year for any grinder pump parts and labor. Should floats, valves, electrical parts or piping need to be replace the cost for labor and materials will be given prior to replacement.

Horn Plumbing & Heating, Inc. will inspect and service the pump system so that it is working optimally and per manufacturer’s specifications. We cannot, however, guarantee future conditions or that there will not be system failures after the date of inspection. Should any occur, they will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Yearly Contact Cost: $375.00/per pump system

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