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Forced Air Heating Repair Services

Residential & Commercial Heater Replacement

There comes a time for every heater when repairing it is no longer a viable option. If your heater is over 30 years old its very possible it has reached the end of its service life. Simply repairing an older unit is roughly the equivalent of throwing money down the drain. That’s because, as soon as you fix one problem, another is likely to pop up. When it’s time to replace your heating system, put your trust in the HVAC technicians at Horn Plumbing & Heating. We are proud to offer boiler, heat pump and furnace replacement services for businesses and homeowners in the Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. Reach out now for your free, no obligation estimate.

Reasons to Replace Your Heater

If you haven’t had your home or business heater replaced in many decades, it’s probably time to consider your options. If you’ve experienced any of the following issues, it is a sign that your heater may be on its last leg. It’s always best to start requesting heater and furnace replacement quotes sooner rather than later so your unit doesn’t break down unexpectedly. This will result in you rushing to replace it potentially without having the time to properly vet the heating and cooling company who will install it. You might also miss your opportunity to thoroughly research what type of heating system you’d like or consider switching to a different type of fuel source which might be more energy efficient.

1. Heater is 10-15 Years Old

If your heating unit is more than 10 years old, it’s time to consider replacing it. Typically, heaters become much more inefficient after 15 years. Once they outlive their service life span, they become prone to more problems.

2. Frequent Heater Repair Needed

If your heater has required frequent repairs over the last few years, this is a sign that it needs to be replaced. With regular maintenance and annual tune-ups, heating systems are designed to not need to be repaired.

3. Abnormally High Energy Bills

As a furnace or any heating system ages, it becomes less efficient. This means that it has to run more to keep your property warm during the winter. If your energy bills are abnormally high, it’s probably because you need to consider a furnace replacement.

4. Strange Smells or Noises from Heater

Typically, the first signs that you need heater replacement services are strange smells and noises coming from your system. Grinding or clunking noises aren’t normal. Likewise, odd burning smells may indicate a very serious problem that a professional needs to address.

5. Noticing Excess Dust

Your heating system is designed to filter unwanted particles from the air, such as dust. When you notice dust collecting around the unit or more dust than normal throughout your home, it means that your system is struggling with air regulation and filtration.

6. Heater is Not Keeping You Warm Enough

The whole goal of your heater system is to keep you warm during the winter. If it fails to live up to that one task, something is significantly wrong with the unit. If it’s an old unit, it’s probably time to consider a furnace replacement.

Improve Energy Efficiency with a New Furnace

There are a number of great benefits to replacing your furnace, but one of the best ones is the money that it can save you. While replacing your residential or commercial furnace will cost more money up front, it will save you money in the long run by being more energy efficient. Furnace manufacturers are always improving the energy efficiency of the models that they make. If your heating system is over a decade old, it’s less energy efficient than the newer units which are available on the market today.

Upgrade to a Two-Stage or Variable Speed Furnace

If you’re considering a furnace replacement, you can further improve the energy efficiency of your unit by upgrading it to a two-stage or variable-speed furnace. Many old homes and businesses are equipped with a single-stage furnace which are the least energy efficient. This means that, regardless of the temperature outside, the unit will always cycle in order to maintain your desired temperature.

Instead, a two-stage furnace has two levels of heat output instead of one. These are ideal for mild winter days and colder winter nights respectively. The most energy-efficient option, however, is a variable-speed furnace. This type of heater uses less energy as it precisely controls the heated air flow throughout your home. They run all of the time, but at a much lower setting which is not only quieter but also more energy efficient as your heater doesn’t have to work overtime as it continues to cycle on and off.

Replace Your Furnace, Heat Pump, or Boiler

Stay warm with a new heating system installed by Horn.

Types of Heaters We Replace

During the cold fall and winter months, you rely on your home’s heating system nearly every day. If it fails and you find yourself in need of furnace replacement services, you can count on the team at Horn to be there for you. Here are a few of the different types of residential and commercial heaters that we replace:

Forced Air Heating Repair Services


Most properties in Pennsylvania rely on forced-air heating, which warms the air via natural gas, propane or electricity. Then, the system uses a fan to distribute that warm air throughout your property. Before requesting a quote for your furnace replacement, have your unit inspected to ensure that a repair won’t fix your issue.

Hydronic Boiler System

Hydronic Boilers

Another good option is a hydronic boiler system. This system uses hot water, which is heated via a boiler, to provide you with heat during cold weather. The great thing about hydronic boilers is that they’re a dust-free and allergen-free way to heat your home although they do require annual maintenance.

Heat Pump Repair Services

Heat Pumps

Despite the name, heat pumps don’t actually generate heat. Instead, they warm your home or place of business by redistributing heat. They do so by absorbing heat from the outside air or ground and using it to replace the cold air inside your property. The opposite occurs in the summer, so this is a great, year round solution.

Protect Your Heater with Regular Maintenance

If you would like to avoid the need for frequent heating repair services, invest in regular maintenance. Like any machine, such as your car, your heater will require regular maintenance to stay in working order. At Horn Plumbing & Heating, we can help you achieve that with our annual and biannual HVAC maintenance contracts. Our certified and highly trained technicians will check your HVAC system every spring and fall to ensure that it’s in tiptop shape for the more extreme summer and winter weather to come. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can keep your furnace running longer.

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Residential Furnace Repair

If you’re looking to replace your home’s furnace, look no further than Horn Plumbing & Heating. Our technicians offer furnace replacement services that you can count on whether you warm your home with a propane, electric or a natural gas heater.

Commercial Furnace Repair

The HVAC technicians at Horn Plumbing & Heating have the tools and knowledge to replace any size furnace, large or small. This is why we proudly offer commercial furnace replacement services. We can make sure your business hours aren’t interrupted.

Local Furnace Repair Company

Reliable Heater Repair Services

Once you install a new heating system in your home or place of business, you want to ensure it continues to run efficiently for years to come. The best way to do that is with our reliable heater repair services.

We can send a trained HVAC technician to inspect your heater if you’re experiencing problems. We are proud to offer emergency heater repair services 24/7/365 so you and your family are never left in the cold.

Contact Horn for Your Furnace Repair Needs

After being in business for over 40 years we’re proud to say our furnace replacement services are second to none in the area. From our highly trained furnace installers to our heater inspection team to our stellar office staff, we want to make sure you have an amazing experience from beginning to end. We provide heat pump, furnace and boiler repair and replacement services throughout the Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties in PA.

Don’t wait any longer to have your current heating system inspected to find out whether or not it needs to be replaced. Reach out to Horn Plumbing & Heating today to get a free estimate and ensure that your heating system is prepared for the cold winter months ahead.

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