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Horn Plumbing & Heating is trusted by homeowners and businesses in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania for high-quality heat pump repair at reasonable pricing. Our technicians are always accessible for new installations, replacements, maintenance, and repairs, and if you ever have a heat pump emergency, we have an expert team on standby to assist you. Call 610-363-4200 today to schedule your heat pump repair.

Trusted Heat Pump Repair

Even if it happens in the middle of the day, heat pump failure is inconvenient. But we also know that it might happen in the middle of the night, as well as on weekends and holidays, which is why we have heat pump repair professionals on call 24/7 to give skilled heat pump services. Our staff will prioritize you and arrive on time with everything needed to provide a dependable repair.

Heat Pump Repair

Benefits of Timely Heat Pump Repair

Heat pump repair offers a range of benefits, including improved energy efficiency leading to lower utility bills, a reduced environmental footprint, and a longer overall lifespan for the system. Timely repairs ensure consistent indoor comfort, prevent minor issues from becoming major, and ultimately save both time and money. Investing in heat pump repair is a cost-effective and sustainable way to maintain optimal performance and contribute to a healthier living or working environment.

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Forced Central Air Systems

Air Source Heat Pump Repair

Air-source heat pumps are the most common since they are both efficient and cost-effective in the short and long term. These systems operate by transferring heat energy to or from the surrounding air, allowing them to either heat or cool a home or business.

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Ductless Heat Pump Repair

Mini-split heat pumps are another name for ductless heat pumps. This is a form of air-source heat pump that does not use ductwork to circulate conditioned air. This makes them suitable for older homes lacking ductwork, as well as for heating and cooling garages, basements, and expansions.

Heat Pump Repair

Invest in a Heat Pump Maintenance Plan

Seasonal heat pump repair and maintenance services are the greatest method to maximize your investment. We make it even easier and more inexpensive by offering maintenance contracts. Your plan will include a multipoint inspection, cleaning, and tune-up, and if you ever require a repair as a plan member, you will receive discounts on all necessary labor and parts. Our team is always available to help you.

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Residential Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump is critical to your comfort in the winter and summer. System failure can reduce your quality of life by causing frozen pipes in the winter and mold in the summer. Since 1981, homeowners in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties have chosen Horn. We provide service for all types of electric and gas home heating systems, in addition to heat pumps.

Commercial Heat Pump Repair

Throughout the year, your heat pump is an essential component of any commercial property. Clients, employees, and vendors rely on it, and if it fails, it can shut down your business and result in significant financial losses. We provide heat pump repair and maintenance to avoid these issues. We install, replace, maintain, and repair all sizes and types of commercial heating and cooling systems.

We Also Provide Heat Pump Replacement

Horn will always suggest a heat pump repair when it is the greatest long-term alternative, but replacing your old system is occasionally the best option. If that time has come for your home or company, we will assist you in exploring your alternatives, including high-efficiency two-stage heat pumps, and making the best decision. Our team will then install your new heat pump with precision and in a timely manner.

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Horn Plumbing & Heating can help you keep your home or office warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For almost 40 years, we have serviced homeowners and commercial clients in this area. We have confidence that we will also exceed your expectations. To schedule heat pump repair or any other heating or conditioning services, contact us online or call 610-363-4200 today.

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