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You might not think about it, but the quality of the air inside your home or business is important for your and other’s health and safety. Breathing dirty or polluted air can have a negative impact on your lungs, productivity and quality of life. At Horn Plumbing & Heating, our experts can help you manage your indoor air quality to improve your overall well-being.

Residential & Commercial Indoor Air Quality

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is a measure of how healthy the air is within your space. The quality of air decreases as the amount of pollutants increases. Preventing pollutants in indoor air is a common problem among both homeowners and business owners. Volatile organic compounds in the air can trigger allergies, in addition to causing headaches, fatigue and dizziness. Contaminants can also irritate the eyes, nose and throat and even contribute to the development of serious illnesses. These are excellent reasons to keep indoor air pollutants to a minimum.

Air Quality Improvement Services

The best way to improve your indoor air quality is to seek professional services. Horn technicians can install a variety of equipment that eliminate indoor air pollutants and prevent more from accumulating. No matter the problem that you have with your indoor air, we can provide a solution.

Air Quality Products - Humidifier
  • Humidifiers
    Humidifiers are devices that remedy air that’s too dry by releasing the right amount of moisture. Dry air reduces the body’s immune response and dries out your eyes, nose and skin. Humidifiers have easy-to-use controls and keep your space at an optimal humidity level, which can reduce the transmission of viruses, limit asthma flares and improve sleep.
Air Quality Products - Dehumidifier
  • Dehumidifiers
    Dehumidifiers are devices that pull moisture out of the air when humidity levels are too high. Excess moisture in your space creates the perfect environment for allergens, mildew, mold and musty odors to build up. By optimizing the moisture levels, dehumidifiers effectively make your home or business more comfortable, and the air inside is safer to breathe.
Air Quality Products - Air Purifier
  • Air Purifiers (Electronic Air Cleaning)
    Air purifiers are devices that do exactly that: clean the air. They’re available as add-ons for HVAC systems or as stand-alone units that can be installed in an attic, closet or basement. When you have a Horn expert install an air purifier, you protect your family or employees and customers from inhaling indoor air pollutants.
Air Quality Products - Air Scrubber
  • Air Scrubbers
    Air scrubbers are devices that directly attach to the ducts of your HVAC system. They use light waves and a catalytic process that produce hydro peroxides and scrubber ions to remove airborne and surface contaminants. As a result, you have less dust, odors, pet dander, volatile organic compounds and other allergens in your indoor air.

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Trusted Brands in Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to improving and managing the quality of your indoor air, you want the best equipment on the market. Horn Plumbing & Heating only installs equipment made by the most-trusted companies in the business: Aprilaire and Air Scrubber.



Aprilaire believes that everyone should breathe healthy air, which can reduce stress, prevent illnesses, accelerate healing and enhance creativity. It has been making award-winning products since 1954 and continues to pursue excellence. The professionals at Horn are trained and experienced with installing the full line of Aprilaire products.

Air Scrubber by Aerus

Air Scrubber

Air Scrubber by Aerus is redefining the meaning of “clean.” It has developed proprietary ActivePure Technology that uses a state-of-the-art process to eliminate pollutants of all kinds from indoor air. The Space Foundation has recognized it as Certified Space Technology. Horn can install this equipment in your home or business.

Tips to Help Keep Your Air Clean

Installing special equipment in your space is the best way to improve your indoor air quality. However, you can further enhance the effects by taking some preventive measures to keep pollutants to a minimum.

Door Mats Are Your Friend

When you and others enter your home or business, you track all kinds of chemicals and debris inside via your shoes. By placing a large floor mat at the entrance, you can catch a large amount of the contaminants. Then, it’s easy to take the pollutants back outside.

Vacuum Regularly

Dust can accumulate allergens and chemicals, which then build up in your carpet. You can reduce the amount of these contaminants by vacuuming regularly. To prevent the dirt and dust from blowing out the exhaust of your vacuum cleaner, get one with a HEPA filter.

Use a Mop to Finish the Job

Although vacuuming greatly reduces dirt and dust on your floors, it won’t pick up everything. You can capture the lingering allergens and particles with a mop, and you don’t even need a cleaner or soap. A wet microfiber mop can trap the leftover contaminants.

Choose Horn for Your Indoor Air Quality Services

Whether you want the cleanest air for your family or your employees and customers, Horn Plumbing & Heating has the right solution for your space. We’ve been serving the community since 1981, providing quality service and dependable work. We can address any indoor air quality issues that you face. Don’t let poor air quality impede your health or productivity. Contact Horn for an assessment and accurate quote.

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