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Enjoy the Comfort of a Whole Home Dehumidifier

Excess moisture indoors is bad for your health and can cause damage to furniture, hardwood floors, and the structure of the house or building itself. If you’re experiencing high humidity levels, Horn recommends reducing and controlling that moisture by installing a whole-home dehumidification system, and we have provided dehumidifier installation for residential and commercial customers throughout Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania for more than 40 years.

Why You Should Choose Horn

Horn is a trusted name and has been established in this region since 1981. We stand behind our work and will be here to continue doing that. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we not only specialize in dehumidifier installation but indoor air quality as an overall concept. We’ll help you achieve optimal IAQ and maintain it so that your family or employees breathe cleaner and healthier air.

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What Is a Whole-Home Dehumidifier and How Does It Work?

A whole-house dehumidifier integrates with your central HVAC system in order to reduce moisture levels throughout the residence or business as opposed to just particular indoor locations. You set the relative humidity target via a thermostat, and a hygrometer measures RH and enables and disables the dehumidification process as needed. Like an air conditioner, a dehumidifier uses refrigerant and has condenser and evaporator coils. As the moist air comes into contact with the cooled coils, condensation occurs, which removes the moisture from the air. That condensation is collected in a tray, and it drains to the outside often using the same condensation line installed for the air conditioning system.

The Benefits of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

There are many great reasons to have Horn perform dehumidifier installation for your home or business. It’s important to understand that RH shapes the way you perceive temperature. In other words, air conditioning will be more comfortable for you at an optimal RH. While air conditioning does remove moisture from the air to a degree, this is a byproduct, and it’s not particularly good at it. With a dehumidifier, you’ll be comfortable at a higher temperature. Your cooling costs will be lower, and you’ll reduce wear on your air conditioner thus lowering your long-term costs. An optimal RH also makes an indoor environment less prone to mold and bacteria and even inhospitable to dust mites.

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Portable vs. Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

The main advantage of a portable dehumidifier is the lower initial cost. If you don’t have a moisture problem and have a small household, then a portable unit may be a practical option. Typically, however, whole-home systems are superior. You can’t deal with a fundamental moisture problem with a dehumidifier that only affects a room or two. If you have a family, having a portable unit in each room being used generally isn’t practical. Portable units require more maintenance, and while whole-house systems are more expensive up front, they are often more cost-effective over the life of the equipment.

The Indoor Air Quality Equipment We Install

Achieving the optimal indoor air quality for your home or business often requires a multipronged approach. In addition to whole-home dehumidifiers, we also install whole-home humidifiers, air purifiers, and air scrubbers.

Air Scrubbers

An air scrubber is a type of air purifier based on technology originally developed for the International Space Station. The term scrubbing refers to the oxidative process that is similar to how trees clean air. Air scrubbers are also able to neutralize surface contaminants by negatively charging particles.

Air Purifiers

Air purifier is a broad term that can refer to a wide range of devices. What these devices have in common is that they pair mechanical air filtration with at least one form of air cleaning. Other stages often found in air purifiers include activated carbon and ultraviolet radiation.

Whole-Home Humidifiers

A whole-home humidifier does the opposite of a dehumidifier in that it adds moisture to the indoor air. This is useful in winter as the air is drier, which is often exacerbated as a byproduct of the heating system. Humidification reduces the risk of illness, moisturizes the skin, eases asthma, improves sleep, and so forth.

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Horn has helped many customers dehumidify their homes and businesses and improve indoor air quality, and we’d love the opportunity to help you do the same. Call us today at 610-363-4200 or contact us online to schedule an on-site consultation or with any questions about all your dehumidifier installation options.