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Better Comfort With a Whole Home Humidifier

Horn Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning provides a full range of indoor air quality services that help area homeowners and businesses ensure that their indoor air is as clean and healthy as possible. An important piece of IAQ equipment that we recommend to all of our customers is a whole home humidifier. Our team can integrate a humidifier into your existing HVAC system. That unit will then release moisture into the air as needed to achieve the relative humidity that you have set via your thermostat. Moisturizing the air helps to avoid a dry indoor environment, which can be important year-round but is especially vital during winter. Ever experience static when you touch a doorknob or walk with socks over your carpet? That is due to the dryness of the air. Dry air also diminishes your immune system, irritates your eyes, nose, mouth, throat, and skin, and exacerbates allergies and asthma symptoms.

Whole Home Humidifier

How a Whole Home Humidifier Works

There are three common configurations for a whole home humidifier: bypass, power, and steam. All three approaches moisturize the air in order to achieve your optimal relative humidity, but there are differences in how they do it. Bypass humidifiers are an HVAC system add-on that rely on your existing blower or air handler in order to evaporate moisture into the air. Warm air flows over a water panel. The moisture evaporates, and the air is then distributed to your living spaces via ductwork. Power humidifiers are similar but have their own fan for more efficient moisturization of the air. Some power humidifiers still require the blower or air handler to be on while others are powerful enough to run without them. Steam humidifiers have an electric heating element that heats water in order to create steam. Steam-based systems are generally not reliant on other aspects of your HVAC system. Which whole home humidifier is best for you depends on your climate, the size of your home, and how accessible hot water is to the system.

Why Choose Horn?

If you want to install a whole home humidifier or any other IAQ or HVAC equipment, Horn is a great choice because we have more than 40 years of experience. Our company is fully licensed and insured in Pennsylvania. We have been established in this region since 1981, and during that time, we have earned a reputation as a company that you can trust and rely on. Our team takes great pride in our work. We only use the best products, materials, and equipment available, and we hold ourselves to workmanship standards that exceed manufacturer warranty requirements and local building codes. Horn is committed to exceptional customer service and care, and you can count on us to work hard to ensure that you remain a long-time and loyal customer.

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The Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier

Good indoor air quality in terms of both comfort and health requires optimal relative humidity. Dry air is common during winter because air is drier at colder temperatures and drier indoor air is a byproduct of heating your home or business. Running a whole home humidifier will reduce the presence of viruses. In fact, studies have shown that running a humidifier for just one hour lowers viruses by about 30%. An optimal RH makes it easier to breathe and thus easier to sleep. Easier breathing is particularly notable for asthma and allergy sufferers who will generally experience less severe symptoms. Optimal RH is also great for your health, and it will help to avoid a wide range of conditions associated with dry air, including dry skin, dry eyes, poor hair and nail health, headaches, fatigue, and so forth.

Alternative Indoor Air Quality Solutions

A whole-house humidifier isn’t the only way to improve the air quality in your home or business, and Horn advises taking a multifaceted strategy to attain ideal IAQ. Air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers are some of the other air quality equipment that we install, maintain, and service.

Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers are air-cleaning devices that use UV light and a catalytic process to clean the air. Originally intended for use onboard the International Space Station, this technology has since been developed for both residential and commercial purposes. Air scrubbers differ from other air cleaners in that they can remove both airborne and surface impurities, making them a popular choice for hospitals and other medical institutions around the world.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are air cleaners with filters. The most basic air purifiers use a HEPA filter, which is extremely effective in removing particles from the air. More advanced devices will also have a component capable of removing gases and bacteria. While an air purifier can be used instead of an air scrubber, the two can be used in tandem for maximum indoor air quality.


Too much moisture is an even bigger worry since it promotes mold growth and makes the environment more inviting to bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and other creatures that degrade indoor air quality. A central dehumidifier can be installed into your existing HVAC system and will reduce the frequency and intensity with which your AC runs.

Choose Horn for Your Whole Home Humidifier

The IAQ experts at Horn can help you choose a whole home humidifier that is affordable and will help to improve comfort and health in your home or business for years to come. Call 610-363-4200 or contact us online to schedule a consultation or with any questions about our products and services.

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