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Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services

At Horn Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer a wide variety of residential and commercial plumbing services that are guaranteed to have your plumbing system functioning optimally. Our services range from fixture repairs and replacements to new system installations. We work closely with each client to ensure that we have met and exceeded their plumbing needs. Our plumbing repairs are also backed by our 1 Year Warranty. Whether you are in need of backflow prevention testing, sink installation, help to fix a clogged drain, or anything in between, the expert plumbers at Horn have you covered. Contact us today for an estimate!

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Emergency Plumbing Repair

Our residential and commercial customers can count on us for emergency plumbing services 24/7/365. Our repair technicians are available around the clock. If you experience a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or during a holiday, Horn will be there for you. We will dispatch a plumber right away, and they will arrive promptly with all of the equipment and supplies needed to diagnose and correct the problem during that single visit.

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Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Horn offers our residential customers a plumbing maintenance plan that can save them money and time. Plans require a one-time annual fee and are customizable based on your equipment and needs. Your plan will include all of the routine plumbing services that are needed to ensure your system remains efficient and avoid any serious problems. All labor is guaranteed for a year, and in the event you do need a repair while covered by our plan, you will receive priority service and a 15% discount on all labor and materials.

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We’ll keep your plumbing systems working properly.

Residential Plumbing Services

Depend on Horn to keep the water flowing in your home. Our company offers a wide range of affordable plumbing services that you can count on. We repair and install water and sewer mains but also faucets, showers, toilets, and much more. Our team also performs routine preventative maintenance.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Horn provides a full range of commercial plumbing services, and our clients range from small businesses to large, multifaceted organizations. There is no commercial plumbing task that is too small or too large for us to handle. Our highly trained plumbers design and install entire systems and the necessary maintenance and repairs that will keep your water running.

We Offer a Variety of Plumbing Repair & Replacement Services

Issues with the pipes, drains, and other plumbing fixtures in your home can lead to much larger problems like mold, rot, and foundation decay. It’s important to repair or replace any damaged plumbing fixtures as soon as possible to mitigate other potential issues. Horn provides expert plumbing services for homes, office buildings, and more. Give us a call at 610-363-4200 for more information or to request an estimate.

Faucets and Fixtures

Horn can install new faucets and fixtures throughout your home or business. Our team is also available to diagnose and correct problems, such as drips, leaks, and broken handles.

Garbage Disposals

Our team can help you choose and install the perfect new garbage disposal for your home. We can also fix all garbage disposal repair issues, including no operation, jams, and humming.

Sump Pumps

Our plumbing experts can help you choose the ideal sump pump for a particular application and install it with precision. We are also available for sump pump maintenance and repairs.

Water Heaters

Horn installs and repairs all types of tank and tankless water heaters, including gas and electric units. We can help our customers choose the perfect model based on their unique needs.

Drain Cleaning

Whether you have a slow or clogged drain, our expert plumbers can clear it fast. We fix all types of drains, including kitchen, bathroom, floor, downspout, storm, and sewer.

Gas Lines

Horn’s team includes gas piping experts as well. Our pros can run new piping from a natural gas line or propane tank. Our team can also diagnose and correct any problems.

Water Booster Pumps

If you have an issue with water pressure in your home or business, Horn can install a water booster pump. It will achieve optimal water pressure and avoid fluctuations.

Water Filtration

Water filtration systems improve the taste of your water, soften it, and eliminate impurities. We install both whole-site and point-of-use systems and can customize your system as needed.

Water Lines

Whether you require water supply lines for new construction or the lines in your old commercial building need to be replaced, Horn can help. We handle projects of all scopes and sizes.

Sewer Lines

Horn installs new sewer lines. Our team replaces old and damaged lines. We can also diagnose any sewer problems you are experiencing and implement a fix that you can rely on.

Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps are similar to a garbage disposal but on a larger scale and often used for commercial applications. Horn performs new installations, replacements, maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs.

Video Inspections

A remote video inspection is often the most efficient and effective way to diagnose plumbing problems. Horn has the equipment needed to perform video inspections for properties of all sizes.

Toilet Repair

If you’re dealing with a faulty toilet that’s causing inconvenience and frustration in your daily life, it’s essential to seek the help of reliable plumbing experts to get it fixed.

Home Winterization

The winters in the Delaware Valley can get pretty cold. Horn can help prevent your pipes from freezing with home winterization services. Whether you live at your home all year or you travel in the winter, your external and internal plumbing system is at risk of freezing if not properly cared for.

Backflow Prevention

A safety device can be installed to keep backflow from happening. In the event of an unexpected or dramatic change in water pressure, this professionally installed device prevents dirty water from entering the clean water supply.

Choose Horn for Reliable Plumbing Repair & Replacement Services

At Horn, we are proud to have served homes and businesses in Southeastern Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. When you need plumbing services, count on our trained and experienced team. Call us at 610-363-4200 or contact us online with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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