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Horn Repairs Leaks and Other Faucet Issues

When home and business owners in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties need reliable and affordable faucet repair services, they turn to the professionals at Horn Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Since 1981, Horn has been a family-owned and -operated company that our customers can rely on to deliver superior craftsmanship at a fair price and to stand behind our work.

Faucet leaks are among the most common plumbing issues we deal with, and our experts fix slow drips from the spout, fixtures that are leaking from the handles, seepage around the faucet base, leaks under the sink, and much more. Our plumber will diagnose your faucet issue quickly and accurately and then carry out a faucet repair using quality parts and materials that will stand the test of time.

Emergency Faucet Repair Services

While many faucet problems are relatively minor and not a time-sensitive concern, Horn appreciates that there are some faucet troubles that simply can’t wait until tomorrow. It’s for that reason that we have plumbers on call 24/7, including weekends and holidays. If you experience an issue like that, turn off the water via the under-sink shutoff valve or, if necessary, the main shutoff. Then, call us, and even if it’s the middle of the night, we’ll be there as soon as possible to perform a precision faucet repair.

Leaky Faucet Repair

Why Is Your Faucet Leaking?

O-rings and washers are the main reasons faucets leak. An O-ring is used to make a seal where fittings connect and will eventually wear out due to pressure. When an O-ring wears out, leaks around the handles are common. Rubber washers are similarly used to prevent leaks. They wear out over time due to friction, and a worn-out washer is often the culprit when you have a slow drip. Under-sink shutoff valves are added for convenience but can wear out over time and thus leak. Another common issue is a corroded valve seat, which is the part between the faucet and the spout, and if you have a leak that comes and goes, it may be due to improper water pressure rather than a part failure.

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What Happens If You Delay Fixing a Faulty Faucet?

Faucet issues can often seem relatively minor, and that can motivate homeowners to put off their faucet repair until the problem becomes more serious. Horn discourages our customers from that approach for a number of reasons. The top reason is that even a small drip limited to one faucet can increase your water bill by 10% on average over the course of a year. The EPA warns that this is a large-scale problem as well since Americans collectively waste many thousands of gallons annually in this manner. The other issue is potential damage to your home. The typical worn-out washer or O-ring isn’t likely to develop into a serious issue, but if the leak is caused by a different part failure, there is a chance for the problem to worsen and eventually cause a serious leak that does do real damage to your home.

Why You Should Choose Horn

Faucet repair is a task that homeowners will sometimes consider as a do-it-yourself challenge in order to save a bit of money, but these DIY jobs will often cost you more time and money in the end. When you hire Horn, you do so with the confidence that we’re going to fix your faucet the right way the first time around. Our diagnosis will be accurate, so there’s no worrying about whether the fix is the right one. We’ll use premium parts and sell them to you at competitive prices, and you won’t have to purchase plumbing tools or materials. You also get the peace of mind that we’ll stand behind our work, which is a promise that we back up with a one-year warranty on all plumbing repairs.

Our Plumbing Inspection Contracts

You can enjoy even greater peace of mind and avoid the need for faucet repair through our plumbing contracts. Our plumbing maintenance plans cover your entire plumbing system. Once a year, one of our expert plumbers will come out to your home, perform a comprehensive inspection, and recommend preventative repairs. Those repairs will be offered to you at a 15% discount, and overtime charges will never apply. You’ll also benefit from priority scheduling for any of our other services that you may need.

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Faucet Replacement Services

If your faulty faucet is old or you’re simply ready for something new, our team can install a new faucet instead. We offer a wide range of fixtures from the top brands, or we can install a faucet that you’ve acquired yourself. Our plumber will then install your new faucet according to the manufacturer’s specifications and in a manner that you can count on for many years to come.

Your Local Faucet Repair Experts

When you need faucet repair, choose a company you can count on for superior craftsmanship and amazing customer service. Call us today at 610-363-4200 to schedule faucet repair or for emergency services, or contact us online with any questions about the many services and products we offer.

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