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Is your bathroom cramped, damp or dark? Have you considered a bathroom remodel but hesitated because of the cost? You can depend on Horn Plumbing & Heating for affordable bathroom remodeling services in Suplee, PA. We’re more than just a plumbing and HVAC service provider. Our team has the knowledge and experience to turn your existing bathroom into the tranquil respite that you’ve always wanted.

From layout design to fixture installation, we can guide you through the entire bathroom renovation process. If you don’t want a total bathroom remodel, we can replace only specific fixtures and accessories. We want to be the only contractor that you turn to for your bathroom remodeling needs.

Bath Renovation Company

Bathroom Remodeling Services

In order to meet all of your bathroom remodel desires, Horn offers a range of renovation services. Whether you want a glass shower enclosure, new energy-efficient lighting, or new cabinets and countertops, our bathroom designers can help you choose the best fixtures for your bathroom. We even create custom bathroom designs and work with various materials. Here’s an overview of all our bathroom remodeling services, or you can call us for more details about a specific service:

  • Total Bathroom Replacement
    If you’re completely unhappy with your bathroom or want to give it a complete face-lift, our technicians and plumbers can work on every component to give you the bathroom of your dreams.
  • Space Planning and Layout Design
    No matter why you want to renovate your bathroom, the team at Horn can assist with how to utilize the space and where to place the fixtures to give you the best layout.
  • Fixture Choice and Finish Selection
    There are hundreds of combinations of fixtures and finishes to choose from for your bathroom remodel, and our designers can help you pick ones that fit your preferences and needs.
  • Countertop & Cabinetry Replacement & Installation
    Whether you’re redesigning your entire bathroom or just updating the cabinets and countertops, we can remove the existing ones and install the new ones that you select.
  • Tile, Granite, Marble Installation
    These are the best materials to use in bathrooms for flooring, countertops and more, and our technicians have experience working with each.
  • Glass Shower Enclosures
    If you want to get rid of the traditional shower curtain or upgrade from an acrylic shower, our glass shower enclosures will give you the luxury aesthetic that you’re looking for.
  • Hot Tubs, Soaking Tubs, Steam Showers
    When you want to add a relaxing tub or steam shower to your bathroom, a Horn team member can help you choose the right size for your space and complete the installation.
  • Energy-Efficient Bathroom Lighting
    Old lighting can become faulty, not provide enough light or consume more energy than newer lighting technologies, and our energy-efficient options can address all of these concerns.
  • Ventilation System Replacement & Installation
    Proper ventilation is essential to avoid the growth of mold in your bathroom from hot, moist showers, and we can remove your old system and replace it with a new one.
  • Accessibility Equipment
    If you’re aging and don’t get around the bathroom as well as before, our team can install handicap accessible showers, tubs, safety bars and other features to accommodate your needs.
  • Heated Floors
    Stepping onto a cold floor after a hot shower or bath can be shocking for your feet, luckily Horn can install a heated floor in your bathroom.
  • And Many More
    If you don’t see the bathroom remodeling service you’re looking for in this list, just give us a call. Our experts have been helping homeowners design the bathroom of their dreams since 1981.

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Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

There are numerous reasons why you could want or need to invest in a bathroom remodel. Perhaps you simply don’t like the aesthetic of your current space. On the other hand, you may need to repair plumbing issues, get rid of mold or replace broken fixtures. Take a look at more reasons to remodel your bathroom below. Keep in mind that Horn Plumbing & Heating performs bathroom remodeling services in Suplee, PA, no matter the reason.

  • Aesthetics and Enjoyability
    Your bathroom is more than a place to get ready for work or events, and you can design a space that you like seeing and can enjoy after a long day.
  • Remediate Mold and Other Decay
    Mildew, mold and other decay are difficult to get rid of after they start growing in your bathroom, but a bathroom renovation can make it easier to keep your space clean.
  • Repair Underlying Plumbing Issues
    Bathroom plumbing deteriorates over time, and a bathroom remodel is the perfect time to replace the pipes if you experience ongoing problems and want to save money.
  • Accessibility and Mobility Needs
    Your bathroom needs change as your family grows and ages, and a renovation gives you the chance to accommodate small children or aging family members.
  • Energy Efficiency of New Fixtures
    Lights, faucets and other bathroom fixtures get more energy efficient every few years, and you can take advantage of that energy efficiency during a remodel.
  • Create More Storage Space
    Your house might seem like it’s getting smaller as you accumulate more belongings, but a bathroom renovation allows you to reorganize and add storage space.
  • Invest in Your Home
    Bathrooms greatly suffer from wear and tear and are a major consideration for home buyers, so a bathroom remodel can increase the value of your property.
  • Additional Comfort
    Have you considered installing heated floors and towel bars to your bathroom? The additional comfort these little luxuries bring are well worth the investment.
Shower Replacement Services

Shower Replacement in Suplee, PA

Is your current shower outdated, damaged or moldy? Replacing it during a bathroom remodel can eliminate these issues. Also, simply replacing your shower can completely change how your bathroom feels. Horn can switch it out for a simple acrylic kit or custom design. We can use a variety of colors and textures to fit your style and equip your new shower with a host of accessories.

Bathtub Replacement Services

Bathtub Replacement in Suplee, PA

Is your current bathtub cracked, worn or leaking? That means it’s time to contact Horn to replace it with a new acrylic kit or luxurious tub. We’ll measure the dimensions of your existing tub and the bathroom doorway in order to help you choose the right tub size for your bathroom remodel. Or if you’d prefer we can replace it with a shower that has a low threshold.

Why Choose Horn to Remodel Your Bathroom?

When you’re ready to choose a bathroom remodeling contractor, rest assured that Horn Plumbing & Heating can handle anything. We’ve been renovating bathrooms and performing plumbing and HVAC services in Suplee, PA since 1981. We’re experts on all matters related to showers, sinks, toilets, tubs and other plumbing elements.

As a family-run business, we make your satisfaction a priority and always provide prompt, professional service. We’re confident that our designers, plumbers and technicians can help you create your dream oasis with our bathroom remodel services. Reach out to Horn to begin your bathroom makeover today!

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