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Home and business owners in Glen Riddle Lima, PA rely on a furnace to provide heat for their property. When your heater stops working you are not only stuck in the cold, but your property could experience other issues if the temperature outside is below freezing. The furnace repair experts at Horn can be dispatched quickly to inspect your heating system, locate the issue, and perform the necessary repairs to get it back up and running. Our HVAC technicians are equipped with the tools and expertise needed to fix your furnace and extend the life of your system. We work on natural gas and propane forced air furnaces as well as hydronic systems. Contact us today to schedule your furnace repair.

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Types of Furnaces We Repair

Horn HVAC technicians are well-versed in all types of residential and commercial heating systems. When your furnace breaks down, we’re here for you. Whether you have a central air system or radiant heat, we provide lasting furnace repair services in Glen Riddle Lima, PA so you can stay warm all winter long. If you’re unsure which type of furnace you have, just give us a call at 610-363-4200 and we can help.

  • Natural Gas Forced Air
    The most affordable furnaces use natural gas. Many properties have natural gas available to them as provided by a local utility company. This makes it affordable and convenient to use for your heating needs as well as other appliances. If you don’t currently use natural gas but it is available, Horn can convert your current heating system to use gas.
  • Liquid Propane Forced Air
    Like natural gas, propane furnaces burn fuel, but it is delivered to and stored on your property in a large outdoor tank. Propane burns very clean, so it is better for the environment, but it is also more costly than natural gas. The furnaces work essentially the same but some of the hardware and fittings are different.
  • Hydronic Heating
    Water retains heat longer than the air and the absence of forced air lowers the presence of dust and allergens. Hydronic furnaces heat water that is distributed through pipes in your property that emit through wall panels or flooring. Gas and electric hydronic systems are highly energy-efficient and are a great solution for zoned heating.

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Reasons for Furnace Repair Services

There are some common problems that can cause your furnace to malfunction or be unable to properly heat your Glen Riddle Lima, PA property. Looking for symptoms of system failure like odd smells, strange noises, and frequent cycling will help you know if you need your furnace repaired. Many of these issues can be avoided by performing regular maintenance on your furnace.

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Common Furnace Issues
  • Blowing Cold Air
  • Inconsistent Temperature
  • Dirty Filters
  • Old Age
  • Pilot Light Problems
  • Constantly Running
  • Loud Noises
  • Odd Smells
Emergency Furnace Repair

Emergency Furnace Repair in Glen Riddle Lima, PA

Anytime your heater breaks down it is frustrating, but we know it always seems to happen at the most inopportune times. That is why Horn’s heating system technicians are on call 24/7 to handle any of your furnace repair needs. We work hard to make sure every repair we perform will last so that you can be comfortable as soon as possible.

Our trucks are stocked with the most common furnace parts so we can usually get your furnace up and running again in a single visit. Whether it is a holiday or the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak with one of our experienced team members.

Furnace Maintenance Plans

The best way to avoid the need for major furnace repair or even replacement is to perform annual maintenance on your furnace. You should be changing your filters several times a year and it is always recommended to have a licensed HVAC technician inspect your furnace at least once a year. We can usually spot issues before they happen and will be able to let you know when you can expect to have to replace your heater.

Furnace Replacement Services in Glen Riddle Lima, PA

Whether your furnace is beyond repair, or it is simply time to replace it, Horn can install a new furnace that will provide lasting warmth for your property. New furnaces are incredibly energy-efficient and can help you save on your utility bills. We will perform an audit of your property and make sure you choose the right size furnace to meet your needs. An undersized or oversized furnace can break down prematurely and provide inadequate heat. If you think it might be time to replace your furnace, get a free estimate today.

Choose Horn for Your Furnace Repair in Glen Riddle Lima, PA

If you need electric, propane, or natural gas furnace repair, look no further than the HVAC experts at Horn. Whether your furnace stops working in the middle of the night or you’re starting to notice small issues that may indicate the need for repair, we’re here to help keep you warm. Give us a call at 610-363-4200 or schedule a service visit and one of our trained HVAC technicians will take a look at your furnace and recommend a plan to get it back to working order.

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