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You depend on clean water for taking a shower, washing dishes and laundry, and even using the toilet. The water line on your property is responsible for delivering that clean water to your home. When something happens to the piping, you could notice issues like poor water pressure and discolored water. In such cases, you should promptly schedule water line repair or replacement services.

As a family-owned business, Horn Plumbing & Heating understands the inconvenience and frustration that a damaged water line can cause. Our master plumbers have the training, licenses and experience to perform any repairs or replacements for water lines that you may need. We even provide emergency services so that you don’t have to spend too long without running water. Best of all, we use advanced plumbing technologies to avoid digging up a large portion of your lawn, driveway or sidewalk. Our team can perform maintenance to keep your pipes in tiptop shape as well. We make being available for all of your plumbing needs a priority.

Local Water Line Replacement Services

Underground Water Line Services

Along with performing water line repair and replacement services in Wynnewood, PA, the technicians at Horn have the tools necessary for inspecting underground pipes. Also, we can convert your water source from a private well to the public water supply. Our master plumbers are familiar with installing and working on wells too. Here’s a quick look at our underground water line services, but you can always call us to learn more.

  • Water Service Line Installation & Repair
    Water lines are more susceptible to mineral buildup, temperature changes and ground movement as they age, and our team can provide reliable repairs that get your water moving again.
  • Water Main Installation & Repair
    When it comes to a damaged water main, it’s important to contact Horn plumbers as soon as possible so that we can prevent significant damage to your property.
  • Trenchless Water Line Replacement
    Aside from reducing how much of your yard that we dig up, our trenchless services are reliable and cost effective for repairing and replacing your water line.
  • Well to Public Water Conversions
    Private well systems are becoming more obsolete and less advantageous than being connected to the public water supply, and the Horn team can make the switch easy for you.
  • Well System Installation, Servicing & Repair
    If your property still gets water from a private well, we can perform any repairs or install a new pump if you run into any problems with your system.
  • Pressure Testing for Underground Leak Location
    Whether you suspect a leak in the water main or your water line, our plumbers can use special equipment to test the water pressure and locate the leak for repairs.

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Trenchless Water Line Repair

One of the biggest concerns with repairing or replacing a water line is the damage that it causes to your lawn. Horn offers trenchless repairs and replacements to keep that damage to a minimum. Using special tools, we start each water line repair project by creating one hole where the pipe starts and another where it ends. Next, we use a cable-pulling system to create an underground hole that allows us to access the piping for quick and efficient repairs. If you need a water line replacement, we can feed a new pipe into the existing one with a cable and bond them together for a tight seal. Afterward, we fill the small holes in your yard so that it’s almost as if we were never there.

Do I Need a Water Line Replacement?

There are some cases when Horn Plumbing & Heating may suggest water line replacement instead of water line repair in Wynnewood, PA. For instance, your plumbing should work without any noisy taps or banging, especially no sink gurgles when you flush the toilet. Sudden poor water pressure that doesn’t improve with a regulator, frequent clogs or blockages, water pooling in your yard and increasing utility bills are more signs that you should replace the water line. If you notice any of these problems, contact our team for an inspection right away.

Symptoms of a Damaged Water Line
  • Noisy Taps and Fixtures
  • Pooling Water in Yard
  • Changes in Water Pressure
  • Increase in Water Bill
  • Cracks Forming in Foundation
Emergency Water Line Repair Services

Emergency Water Line Repair in Wynnewood, PA

At Horn, we know how quickly a plumbing problem can turn into a disaster. For that reason, we keep a master plumber on standby at all times to respond to water line emergencies. We’re fully committed to being available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Even if you have a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, over the weekend or on a holiday, someone from our team will be dispatched to your home. Upon arrival, a technician will inspect your pipes and explain your water line repair or replacement options. With your approval, we’ll begin working on your pipes right away so that you can get back to your normal schedule.

Plumbing Maintenance Plans

Sticking to a strict maintenance schedule is critical when it comes to your plumbing. That’s why Horn is proud to offer Residential Plumbing Inspection Contracts in Wynnewood, PA. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with our thorough inspections, homeowners will also enjoy many additional benefits such as a 15% discount on plumbing repairs (for both materials and labor if performed or scheduled at time of inspection.) You’ll also receive priority service and the work performed is guaranteed for one year.

Continued maintenance of your drains, plumbing and fixtures will help with efficiency, reduce utility bills, and help you avoid more serious problems down the road. Catch small issues before they turn into major headaches with the help of Horn’s plumbing maintenance plans.

Why Choose Horn Plumbing & Heating?

Since 1981, Horn Plumbing & Heating has been performing dependable water line repair and replacement services in Wynnewood, PA. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for having the best customer service in the area. We care about your experience and want to build a long-lasting relationship with you. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently address your plumbing issues no matter what they may be. On top of that, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call now if you need prompt and affordable water line services.

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