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Residential & Commercial Sewer Line Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Many home and business owners are unaware that they are responsible for the sewer line from their property to the sewer main that usually runs underneath the street. More and more municipalities in the area are also starting to require a sewer inspection before a property can be sold. If you need sewer line repair, replacement, or inspection services for your home or business in Chester, Delaware, or Montgomery counites, PA the pros at Horn are here to help.

Sewer Line Repairs

Reliable Sewer Line Repair Services

Horn has been serving Exton, PA and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. We’re a trusted plumber and excavation service that specializes in sewer line repair and replacement. We have the equipment and expertise to quickly and properly remedy any issues with your residential or commercial sewer lines. With the latest in video technology, we can diagnose your issue and get started restoring your full sewer service.

Sewer Line Replacement and Installation

Sewer Line Replacement & Installation

Not all sewer line issues can be repaired. Some damage is so severe that you may need to install a replacement sewer line.  This actually is more common than you may think with older, corroded pipes, tree root growth, and other underground factors that cause stress to your pipes. Because we have vast experience with excavation and plumbing services, we can dig up your old sewer line and replace it in no time so that you are able to use your facilities once again. We also do new construction installs, hookups, and septic to sewer conversions.

Horn Knows Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

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Our Sewer Services

Whether you have an issue with your sewer line, you are converting your property from septic to public sewer, or you have new construction and need your sewer line installed, Horn can help. By using the latest technology, we can diagnose and repair sewer line issues quickly and effectively. We are also able to excavate as needed to have unabated access to your sewer system.

Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection

One of the most effective and non-invasive ways to identify a sewer line problem is to deploy a video camera inside your line. A video pipe inspection can identify leaks, clogs, cracks, and other potential issues. Once located and diagnosed, our team can either perform a trenchless or conventional repair to get your system back working safely and correctly.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Using pneumatic directional boring tools, our team can access your sewer line with minimal disruption to your property. By only needing to dig small holes at the endpoints of your sewer line we can avoid permanent structures, tree roots, underground power lines, and other potential obstructions. If you need your sewer line repaired, give us a call.

Sewer Line Excavation

Excavation Services

Sometimes there is no other way to access your sewer lines than to excavate. Horn has been performing sewer line excavations for over 25 years. Whether you need a repair, replacement, or need to install a new sewer line, we have the equipment and expertise to handle anything you need for your residential or commercial sewer line.

Other Horn Sewer Line Services

Additional Sewer Line Services

  • Storm Sewer Services
  • Grinder Pump System Services
  • Septic to Public Sewer Conversions
  • Backwater Valve Services
  • Underground Leak Detection

Sewer Line Maintenance Contracts

To help minimize potential issues with your sewer line, you may have a grinder pump installed. Horn offers a Grinder Pump Maintenance Contract that includes annual inspection and cleaning to keep your pump running efficiently and effectively.  Our maintenance plan customers also receive priority service and a discount on grinder pump repair parts and labor.

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Residential Sewer Line Services

One of the worst things a homeowner could experience is a leaking or backed-up sewer line. If sewage is leaking from a broken pipe, it can saturate your lawn and produce a terrible, lingering odor. If your sewer line is clogged it can back up into your home through your drains and toilets and even drain into the lowest level of your home. There is a potential for water damage that can cause even more issues. On top of that, your homeowner’s insurance probably won’t cover your sewer issue. You may be able to obtain a supplemental home warranty, but if you have any concerns, Horn can inspect your home sewer line.

Commercial Sewer Line Services

Since most commercial buildings are larger structures, they typically have more plumbing and more occupants, so the sewer lines are constantly in use. If you have an issue with your building’s sewer line, you can find yourself dealing with property damage and many disgruntled customers, employees, and tenants. Horn’s expert plumbers can perform commercial sewer line inspection, repair, and replacement services so that your business doesn’t have to deal with any major disruption caused by sewer issues. If you notice slow drains, odd smells, or softness in the land surrounding your building you may have a sewer line problem.

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Serving Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties with reliable sewer line repair and replacement services for over 25 years, Horn Plumbing is available 24/7/365 to help with any of your sewer needs. We guarantee satisfaction with every job we perform, and we’re committed to customer service. If you have any questions about your sewer line or have an immediate issue schedule an appointment today and we’ll make sure your sewage system is operating correctly.

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